Playmobil Vintage Figure Greek Princess 1993 loose



🇬🇧 Greek Princess
🇪🇸 Princesa griega
🇩🇪 Griechische Prinzessin

🇫🇷 Princesse grecque
🇮🇹 Principessa greca

  • Serie: Unknown
  • Upper Body: White
  • Lower Body: Blue
  • Accessories: n/a
  • Theme: Unknown
  • Year: 1993


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Ariadne, according to mythology, was a Greek princess who, together with her brother Androgeeus, were sons of Minos and Pasifae, kings of Crete. Between Athens and Crete there was a great conflict and, when the prince of Athens, Theseus, went to fight for his people, Ariadne fell in love with him by helping him kill the Minotaur of Crete in exchange for marrying and fleeing together. However, he only used her and in one of the transfers they made on an island, he abandoned her while she slept. Ariadne desperately begged the gods to help her and the god Dionysus fell in love with her, not because of her beauty, but because of her purity.

This Greek princess is dressed in a white blouse, a long light blue skirt with precious jewels in the shape of a belt decorating the whole outfit.

This Playmobil comes without its original box, we will send it to you with a plastic blister.

Don’t miss out on this brave Greek princess.


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