Playmobil Vintage Knight of the Middle Ages Figure 1974 loose



🇬🇧 Knight of the Middle Ages
🇪🇸 Caballero de la Edad Media
🇩🇪 Ritter des Mittelalters
🇫🇷 Chevalier du Moyen Age
🇮🇹 Cavaliere del Medioevo

  • Serie: Unknown
  • Upper Body: White, silver
  • Lower Body: Black
  • Accessories: Medieval helmet, bib, protection and a flag
  • Theme: Medieval Soldier
  • Year: 1974


1,50 2,99


“I’ll never have compassion for those who didn’t know how to die in time.” The Cid Champion

Medieval cavalry was a military, political, economic and social institution of great importance.

The knightly weapon was given in all civilizations since the Ancient Age, in Ancient Rome existed the social class of the equites (“knights”), and among the Germanic peoples were given generic denominations equivalent to those of arming knight and guarding weapons to refer to the ceremony of investing young warriors with weapons. And until more recent times, it would be kept in the Japanese islands among the noble knights under the Samurai code of warrior honor. But, unlike those precedents, the medieval concept of knight is of ecclesiastical creation, its ideological function is to raise the nobility to the height of the Christian ideal (miles Christi or “Christian knight”), and does not appear until the eleventh century.

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