Playmobil Vintage Musician of the Middle Ages Figure 1974 loose



🇬🇧 Musician of the Middle Ages
🇪🇸 Músico de la Edad Media
🇩🇪 Musiker des Mittelalters
🇫🇷 Musicien du Moyen Age
🇮🇹 Musicista del Medioevo

  • Serie: Unknown
  • Upper Body: White
  • Lower Body: Green
  • Accessories: Medieval trumpet and bib
  • Theme: Medieval Musician
  • Year: 1974


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“I’ll never have compassion for those who didn’t know how to die in time.” The Cid Champion

We know from the sources and texts we have left, that there were different profiles of musicians during the Middle Ages.

There were the humble minstrels, who used to be adventurous characters who traveled from here to there telling stories to the sound of their music; or the troubadours, who were normally of high birth or well-off knights. a good example would be Alfonso X the wise (troubadour king), Beatriz the Countess of Día or Jorge Manrique; even nuns or clerics, such as the peerless Hildegard. Or great music scholars such as Ziryab or Avempace in Al-Andalus.

As it happens in our days, we know that musicians lived more interested in the work of live music and others by the theoretical knowledge or composition. We have received very interesting names and contracts: Sancho IV of Castile hired a whole group of Andalusian musicians such as Yusuf, Mohamed el del Añafil, Rexit el de la Axabeba. Alfonso de Aragón asked the King of Castile to send him a musician to play the flute and psaltery. John II hired a family of Andalusian musicians to entertain them for a few days, etc.

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