Playmobil Duo pack 9215 Prince and Princess 2017



🇬🇧 Prince and Princess
🇪🇸 Príncipe y Princesa
🇩🇪 Prinz und Prinzessin
🇫🇷 Prince et Princesse
🇮🇹 Principe e Principessa

  • Serie: Duo Pack
  • Upper Body: White and Red
  • Lower Body: Blue and White
  • Accessories: Bouquet of flowers, crown and sword.
  • Year: 2017




“Lovers of Teruel: silly her and silly him.” Spanish proverb

Playmobil representing a princess who receives a bouquet of flowers from the prince who wants to conquer her. In Spain there is a very popular legend of the city of Teruel, in which a young princess fell in love with a poor plebeian, and ended up dying of love the two. They were poisoned because they could not be together.

Without a doubt it is a very special specimen that you can go to the showcase where you collect all your Friki Collector pieces. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!



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