Playmobil petrol station loose 1974



🇬🇧 Petrol station
🇪🇸 Gasolinero
🇩🇪 Tankstelle
🇫🇷 Station d’essence
🇮🇹 Distributore di benzina

  • Serie: Unknown
  • Upper Body:Red and Blue
  • Lower Body: Blue
  • Accessories: none
  • Theme: Petrol station
  • Year: 1974


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“Tank full of happy heart”

This playmobil is a person who works at a gas station wearing a blue shell vest, a red T-shirt and black trousers.

The word “Shell” first appeared in 1891, as the kerosene brand Marcus Samuel and Company sent to the Far East. This small London company was originally dedicated to antiques, curios objects and oriental seashells. These became so popular – the Victorians used them to decorate boxes – that importing them soon became a profitable base for the company that took advantage of their trade and export from the East.

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